Sarah Tario grew up in Bicol where art is less appreciated, which led her to pursue art theory to delve deeper in the importance of art in our society.   She is a fine arts and art student of the University of the Philippines.  


Her new works of art are all about connecting and depicting reality by combining traditional and digital art in her process. Line arts, digital painting-visual quality, pop art, realism and surrealism are all visible in her works. And the reason why she came up with that style is rooted in her own way of using art as therapeutic. The puzzle in her works wants to shed light on the complexity of this world-----”Life is a never ending process and discovery, every day you will be amazed about anything from quark to the universe. And whatever you will see in my pieces, are just tiny parts of it”. 


“My art is longer than my life, whenever I create a piece, I always reflect from the past and look forward to the next hundreds or thousands of years away from my generation. From the uncertainty and unrest of this complex world, I want my viewers to find freedom in my works of art, that it is not just aesthetically pleasing but can connect through time and space, because Art is a substitution for the sublimity of one’s soul.”

Sarah loves exploring different media, techniques and approaches in the fields of visual arts. She is good in numbers and loves to observe and understand people, viewing them as a work of art with various perspectives. Sarah,though, is not just about the process, techniques and visual quality, but also about the power of art in connecting people and understanding the world.

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