Anafe Nemenzo was born 1991 in Tacloban and is a proud mother to a boy. 


She studied at the Eulogio ”Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology and graduated in 2012.


The works of Anafe Nemenzo can be likened to a dance that sways to the rhythm of the heart and soul. While being on the art scene for only a few years, Anafe already caught the attention of art lovers and collectors.  


Anafe’s works symbolize peace and freedom. She believes that as an artist she should share her talents and thoughts since she can’t honor anything by keeping them hidden.  


Anafe participates in several competition and group exhibitions, including those hosted by  Transwing Art Gallery. Recently, she won the third prize in the Transwing Art gallery competition and was one a finalist at the GSIS Art Competition. 


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