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Roger San Miguel was born on September 12, 1940 in San Pascual, Buhi, Camarines Sur.
Roger San Miguel took up Fine Arts at the University of Sto. Tomas under the sponsorship of Filipino philanthropist and art connoisseur Don Ramon Camacho of Cagayan De Oro. 

He had his first one man show at the Philippine Art Gallery in 1965. Like Paco Gorospe, his exposure at the PAG landed him his first overseas exhibit the following year at the Art International Galleries in California. He started out as a member of the conservatives’ group Talahib.

”Roger San Miguel is characterized as a figurative expressionist. He paints the human figure in curvilinear shapes and forms with earth color and hues that causes movement and life through progressive graphic shapes. 

Although he follows the Amorsolo tradition, his virtuousity of style swings him the other way into neo-expressionist works. Like all the conservatives, he gravitates towards the representational”

Having painted for over 50 years, Roger San Miguel finds satisfaction in his life’s work. He continues to paint in his home studio which he has fondly named Art in Heaven Philippines.

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