A new creative space for Filipino artists to showcase their work.  

The leadership at MAGKAISA has been in the heart of German-Filipino social and art scene for a quarter of century, promoting Philippine art in the European market.  Our cultural journey led to the publication of the book REVISITING MABINI ART, launched in 2013 at the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts (NCAA) in Intramuros, Manila.

Inspired by the talent and resilience of the Mabini artists, we collaborated and supported self-taught artists and acknowledged masters such as Francisco “Paco” Gorospe, Cesar Buenaventura, Rafael “Popoy” Cusi, Oscar Ramos and Roger san Miguel.  Our roster of artists grew to include fine arts graduates and scholars as well as young artists who are passionate in carving a niche in the art scene.

In 2021, our legacy is transformed to a new brand and new organization that embraces resilience, courage and love for the art - the MAGKAISA Creative Space. 

With a roster of artists from across the Philippines, all well versed in methods and techniques, using different styles and genres, MAGKAISA’s art collection is as diverse as it is unique.  

And with a progressive mindset, MAGKAISA and its artists are leading the way in product research and development and technology to forge new paths for the future. 

Our new brand will build on our strength in visual arts.  We will develop engagement in other art forms such as fashion design, interior design, accessories, multimedia arts, photography and literature.  Lifestyle, arts and culture will continue to inspire our work. 

With our multi-cultural team and offices in the Philippines, Germany and Singapore, we offer a wide and strong reach for our artists, and an enhanced selection for our art collectors.