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Art and Dr. José Rizal - Episode 4

Rizal in Heidelberg in 1886

“To the Flowers of Heidelberg” During his stay (and study in spring of 1886) in Heidelberg, Rizal used to wander around, strolling along the cool banks of the Neckar River and admiring the picturesque sceneries of the countrysides. one day , as he roamed around he was attracted by the blooming flowers. Among these flowers was his favorite flower – the light blue “forget-me-not”. …

In his moment of homesickness, he wrote on April 22, 1886 a fine poem: "To the Flowers of Heidelberg"

(Quote from José Rizal – Life, Works and Writings by Gregorio F. Zaide)

Shown are the painting "Rizal" by Luke Joshua Estrana, Picture of the marker at the Eye Clinic in Heidelberg, Bergheimerstrasse, Picture of the Marker Stone at the Neckar River in remembrance of the poem, cover and pages of "To the Flowers of Heidelberg".

(Text by Fritz Hack Ullmer, Heidelberg)

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