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Art of the day - Mabini Art Collection

Master Roger San MiguelAbstract in Orange, Acrylic on Canvas, 45 cm x 59 cm, Undated, Signed lower right 

When is amazing awesome? It all lies in the eyes of the beholder. Tell us what you feel in this artwork, created with the unique composition of one of the highly-skilled Masters. See it! Feel it! Buy it! 

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More about the Mabini Master Roger san Miguel

”Roger San Miguel is characterized as a figurative expressionist. He paints the human figure in curvilinear shapes and forms with earth color and hues that cause movement and life through progressive graphic shapes.”

The shapes of the "cool climate" are pictorially presented likewise: clear and blurred edges with the shapes centrally positioned."

"The shapes allow for vertical and horizontal line to create quadric directional motion, despite climate's impact."

(Quote of the text from the Book Revisiting ‘Mabini Art’, published in 2013, Germany; Prof. Paul Blanco Zafaralla, PH.D., Klaus W. Hartung - Consulting)

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