Artist Spotlight: Kevin Cubinar

Kevin Villar Cubinar is a 26 year old architect who has a soft spot for social realism as his advocacy. Social Realism or frequently referred to as “social-practice” typically focuses on work that impacts societies’ problems like poverty, inequality, pollution, politics and the impact of religion on human lives.

He has participated in various art competitions to hone his skills such as those organized by Petron, Shell, GSIS, Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE), MACC National Painting Competition,Tarlac National Art Competition, and at AAP On The Spot Painting Competition.

His art intends to change the narrative of today’s neglect. He believes that joining different competitions will help him share his views on current issues for a better world.

He recently participated in exhibitions in the Philippines at Manila FAME, German Club and abroad in Germany at Berlin in 2017 and in Milan, Italy beginning of 2019.

Kevin considers his family, work and art as his top three priorities in life. Now that he is a father of one, he spends at least two hours every Saturday painting and using that time to bond with his son whom he frequently uses as a model in some of his works.

He counts as his greatest achievement being able to keep his family healthy and safe in this season of pandemic and takes great care in following safety precautions when returning home from field work.

He admires artists who are able to focus and produce works even through the pandemic.

Topping his bucket list is having a stable and happy family life, keeping is family healthy, and being recognized for his body of works in painting. “Becoming a National Artist is a stretch and far-fetched dream of mine but it remains at the back of my mind.”

“Magkaisa Creative Space gives me hope that regardless of the limited time that I have in painting because of my work as an architect, we are given the opportunity to grow as an artist and a venue to showcase our works to the general public.”

Kevin Villar Cubinar says: “with artworks we can show how meaningful and majestic the world can be".

Kevin Cubinar is a MAGKAISA artist, to check out more of his artworks or

learn more about his life click here.

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