Artist Spotlight: Sarah Tario

Sarah Tario is a visual artist from the Philippines. Studied at the University of the Philippines, Bachelor in Fine Arts, major in Art Education.

Growing up in a province of Bicol where art is less appreciated as a career made her pursue art theory, where she explored not only how to produce art but to delve deeper in the importance and role of art in our society. This young lady loves to explore different media, techniques and approaches in creating krafts in different fields of visual arts. Owner of Sinag Art Ph, that creates glow in the dark krafts and party/ event set designers. She is good in numbers and loves to observe and understand people around her, viewing them as a work of art with various perspectives. But one interesting thing about her is not just about the process, the techniques and the visual quality of her works but how she views the power of art in connecting people and understanding the world around us.

She believes that art is more than just a works of art, it is also more than the pleasure of our naked eye. Connecting art to everyday life and depicting the real world, in a subtle way or direct way is what makes art interesting. And for years, art takes a big role in maintaining and building our nation through amplifying certain issues and ills of our society. And it is shown in some of her works that empowers women by raising awareness in depicting their daily struggles and issues.She also believes that art is still moving forward to the wide horizon across disciplines while maintaining its obscurity by adapting to the rapid changes in technology. That the future of art may be unmapped but various forms of art will be seen for the next 30 years. And what we can do today is to live in the present while adapting to changes by putting our reality in our works of art.

Her new works of art are all about connecting and depicting reality by combining traditional and digital art in her process. Line arts, digital painting-visual quality, pop art, realism and surrealism are all visible in her works. And the reason why she came up with that style is rooted in her own way of using art as therapeutic. The puzzle in her works wants to shed light on the complexity of this world-----”Life is a never ending process and discovery, everyday you will be amazed about anything from quark to the universe. And whatever you will see in my pieces, are just tiny parts of it”.

She believes that art is timeless ”My art is longer than my life, whenever I create

a piece, I always reflect from the past and look forward to the next hundreds or thousands of years away from my generation. From the uncertainty and unrest of this complex world, I want my viewers to find freedom in my works of art, that it is not just aesthetically pleasing but can connect through time and space, because Art is a substitution for the sublimity of one’s soul”.

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