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Curator´s Pick

Magkaisa Creatice Space draws on its rich German-Filipino heritage of resilience, strength and dependability. We regularly request our Curator Friends or our Board Members to pick one of the artworks of our Contemporary Artists or the artworks in our possession from Filipino Master. We are honored to provide the insides.

This time we take a closer look at the artwork of Francisco “Paco” Gorospe, calls “Man with Rooster”.

Francisco Paco Gorospe, Man with Rooster, Oil on Canvas, 60 cm x 45 cm, undated

Cockfighting is a favourite pastime for men in the provinces. As soon as you pass the boundaries of the metropolis, men with roosters becomes a common sight.

Weekends most men are busy at the cockpits, and they are just as crowded as the market or the churches on most weekends.

Paco Gorospe’s cubic depiction is in full bloom here just as his coloration is also superb! This painting is a perfect example of one of his best works highlighting more than five decades of living and working as an artist in Mabini Street, Ermita.


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