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An exhibition honoring the Master of Mabini Art of the Philippines Francisco “Paco” Gorospe, the so-called Picasso of the Philippines, who was born 85 years ago on 10. July 1939.

His contribution to the History of the Philippine Art as a part of the Mabini Art Movement and is helpful to upgrade the knowledge on this essential part of the art history in the Philippines.

Magkaisa Mabini Art Collection presents a set of 14 artworks of its collection at the German Club Manila to showcast the mixture of art this Master created during his lifetime.

Francisco “Paco” Gorospe Sy was a true pioneer of the Mabini art industry. After settling in Ermita, Manila in 1960, Paco opened his own gallery, establishing the Mabini area as a vibrant hub for local artists. Known for his innovative techniques, he experimented with various styles and mediums, from crayons to oil paintings, and his modernist approach with exaggerated figures and vivid colors broke conventional norms, inspiring many artists in the region.

Paco’s collaborations with fellow artists like Roger San Miguel and Francisco Ello, along with influences from prominent names such as Serafin Serna and Salvador Cabrera, enriched the Mabini art scene. His works gained international recognition through exhibitions at the Washington and New York World Fairs, as well as shows in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan, and Germany. His art was featured on magazine covers and commissioned by major companies, showcasing the talent and appeal of Mabini artists on the global stage.

Despite challenges like fires that destroyed his galleries, Paco’s resilience and continuous innovation left a lasting impact. His dedication and ability to adapt and evolve inspired many artists, cementing his legacy as a true world-class Filipino artist and a legend in the Mabini art industry.

Paco Gorospe Sy passed away on September 22, 2002, leaving behind a legacy of brilliance and inspiration in the world of Filipino art.

“A true world-class Filipino artist, chosen for his time, and a legend in painting.”

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