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Jose Rizal Wine Label Competition

During his time, Dr. Jose Rizal stayed in Wilhelmsfeld with Protestant Pastor Karl Ullmer, he encountered religious tolerance while Pastor Ullmer and the catholic clergy having openly discussions, even drinking white wine from time to time, a white burgundy from the nearby village of Schriesheim.

Wilhelmsfeld became the village due to this part of the history and to follow the footsteps of Rizal in that area, where a Rizal Park was initiated, a Dr. Jose Rizal Street was named, where the plaque was installed at the vicarage where Rizal stayed and the Rizal statue was erected.

Later the busts of Rizal friends were installed as well and d Karl Ullmer street as well named after the Pater. Around 11 years ago, Wilhelmsfeld entered into a city partnership with Calamba in the Philippines and every year hundreds of tourists are traveling to Wilhelmsfeld to visit the Rizal Park.

For the participation in the Jose Rizal Wine Label Competition by artists a background on the history may be helpful. The Knights of Rizal Chapter in Heidelberg-Wilhelmsfeld produced a very informative flyer/ booklet, which we are publishing here as well, so artists could read about the history behind the Jose Rizal Wine Label Competition.

Magkaisa - Consultancy and Gallery partnered this year with the Mayor of Wilhelmsfeld, the Philippine Consulate General in Frankfurt and the Order of the Knights of Rizal HD-Wilhelmsfeld. With the support of additional sponsors like Etihad Airways, the German Embassy in Manila, the Philippine Embassy in Berlin, Germany and the German Club Manila the Jose Rizal wine label competition under the guidance of the Master Watercolorist Artist Rafael Popoy Cusi was set into reality.

See you in Germany in Wilhelmsfeld.


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