It was a beautiful Sunday morning at the CCP Harbour Area when eleven visual artists, a photographer, a blogger, and art enthusiasts engaged in a lively interaction with the morning crowd.

Led by the acclaimed Master Watercolourist Rafael Popoy Cusi, the session was bursting with creativity and fellowship. It was our first get together after the lockdown in 2020; and we were likely the first gallery in the country to host a session this year. The group painted various subjects from the seascape, to buildings on the horizon and the lush foliage of the boulevard, to the seabirds catching their meal from the sea. A couple of bikers figured in as subjects, as did a young lei vendor, and another vendor selling Filipino native delicacies. They willingly posed for the venerable master.

Among the topics discussed by the seasoned painter Rafael Popoy Cusi was the interesting effect of juxtapositioning two things being seen or placed together with contrasting effect.

He also discussed the color wheel, stating that he seldom used the colors black and white. Rather, he blends various hues of color to achieve black and white such as grays, violet, dark reds and dark greens for in reality according to him, the subtle variations in hue are determined by the effect of light on your perspective. On-the-spot painting uses natural light and is therefore more challenging for an artist has to deal with the changing light.

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