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Philippinische Malerei – Philippine

Philippinische Malerei – Philippine Painting

An Art book published in Germany 1970, Verlag Neues Forum. english and german language

Magkaisa draws on its rich German-Filipino heritage of resilience, strength and dependability and we are honored to provide insides of the relation between Germany and the Philippines.

When politics may not be able, Art and Culture will always be a bridge between countries to connect. Have a look at our book collection, today the book Philippinische Maleri – Philippine Painting.

In 1970, 52 years ago, the Philippine and the German Government joined efforts in creating and publishing a book about Filipino Art. Signed by the then Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs, HE Carlos P. Romulo and the German Bundesminister des Auswärtigen, Mr. Walter Scheel, it was the first book about art written in German and English language, a very rare piece.

The book presents insights in the Visual Art Development of the Philippines, from Luna and Hidalgo to Amorsolo, Legaspi and oth

er well-known Filipino artists, including Mabini Artists.

Artworks of National Artists of the Philippines:

Cesar Legaspi, Modern Competition, 24 cm x 37 cm, Watercolor, 1981

José Joya, Nude Sketch, 50.5 cm x 35.5 cm, Graphite, 1972

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