Daydream - Jes Mercado Abella
  • Daydream - Jes Mercado Abella


    I always thought about the human mind being something so powerful that I started seeing it as an enemy; so manipulative, terrifying, destructive. But why all this? As I find beauty in the dark, I have noticed that I was falling into a trap. I asked myself “have I dwelled too deep? Or stayed too long that I’ve overlooked beauty and saw only the darkness? Am I still finding in the right place? More importantly, am I still creating freely? Or am I just getting trapped further in?

    I’ve somehow lost that sensibility, to see beauty at something; to find balance in something so complex. I wanna take that back and I hope that shows in this art. 

    • Artist

      Jes Mercado Abella

    • Year


    • Size

      39,5 cm x 39,5 cm

    • Material

      Print on Hahnemuhlen Paper

    • Details

      Limited Edition 1/10, Framed without glass, behind-the-scenes video available