Manao Woman - Jerelyn Donguines

Manao Woman - Jerelyn Donguines


My intentions why i painted the Manobo Women is I just want to show the aborigins of Manobo tribe of mindanao and give respect in their cultures and arts, and their unique craftsmanship. Just like the costume, they created the dress,
they used the manual weaving, with their own designs of ethnic patterns and its has own meaning. Just
want to show also the adornment of necklace, earings, they created neclace through bead and hair of horse.


"The Manobo are both strong in mind and spirit their xultires identity is firmly rooted in the land and its nature it is maintained through story tellinh, language, family and the passing of traditional skills and arts. This is the reasons why i get inspired to paint and made the focal point of this artwork.“

  • Artist

    Jerelyn Donguines

  • Year


  • Size

    80 cm x 60 cm

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