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Amidst the pandemic, the majority of people that are locked inside their homes are doing their best to survive the days passing by. The continuation of the hard times all have to face. Have there been many people already before with limited income, that amount of jobless people increased during the pandemic. The students are trying hard to follow their teachers in their online classes and many people are striving hard trying to sell online just to get through a day with food served on their table.

Despite all of these, our nature took its time to heal. Oceans, forests, and all the natural resources that we have, are using the pandemic while taking a break from human's cruel activities.
The best part in this worse situation is seeing how breathtaking our environment is, the mesmerizing crystalclear water that calms the heaviest heart and most important, those animals living in that precious habitat thinking that at last:
We are safe and at peace.

Masaganang Yaman - Luke Joshua Estraña

  • Luke Joshua Estraña

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