How do we create art that really means something? - Somethimes there are just things we do that aren't really us.

There are things that defy us but aren't really the depth of who we are.  


I spend lots of time and energy conceptualizing, shooting, and editing these images and yet sometimes they meant so little to me. […] But all artworks are still so important to me because with all my heart they were created from the depths of who I am. I realized all this time that I was creating art trying to connect and connect to other people in seek of validation that I forgot to ask myself the question of “”am I even connecting to myself?"”


“It doesn't really matter now how many likes I get from my art. I don't care if you hate it or love it. All I want for you is to feel something, all I want is my art to resonate with people, all I want is to put my art into the world — in hopes that my story touches yours“, Jes finally states.

Still I fly - Jes Mercado Abella

  • Jes Mercado Abella