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Mr. Cusi is all for a holistic approach to art – engaging your hands (skills), heart (values that nourish the soul), and mind (knowledge in relation to local and global issues).


“It is easy to paint but difficult to become an artist,” he maintains.


As one of the best out of only a handful of watercolorists in the Philippines, 70% of his works are in watercolour. The reason for choosing the medium is because the Europeans are known for pioneering the use of oil in painting, the Americans acrylic paint, while Orientals have ink and watercolour. As a Filipino and an Oriental (Asian), Mr. Cusi takes pride in his heritage. He had the opportunity to reside in Europe and Spain but still chose to come back to the Philippines. 


Popoy Cusi further elaborated – “We have the same sky, the same water and trees anywhere in the world…what sets Mabini Art apart is that Mabini artists painted local color such as the sunset in Manila Bay, which is the most beautiful in the world.”


(Quoted from the Book Revisiting ‘Mabini Art’, Oliver Phil. Quingco, published in 2013 by Transwing Art Gallery

Underwater II - Rafael Popoy Cusi

  • Rafael "Popoy" Cusi

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