Wounds that never heal - Jes Mercado Abella

Wounds that never heal - Jes Mercado Abella


My interpretation about the title “Wounds that never heal” is all about giving so much of yourself; loving so much knowing it is going to hurt, dealing too much of fear, anger, and despair that you’ve become so exhausted and empty; a moving, living, breathing hollow who’s wounds would never heal. 
Because what? Because there is actually nothing to heal. 
You simply can never heal, that even decay started growing from your insides.

  • Artist

    Jes Mercado Abella

  • Year


  • Size

    30,5 cm x 30,5 cm

  • Material

    Print on Hahnemuhlen Paper

  • Details

    Limited Edition 1/10, Framed without glass, behind-the-scenes video available