Yamang tubig - Luke Joshua Estraña

Yamang tubig - Luke Joshua Estraña


As an artist I want to express my love for art to my surroundings by giving an insight of my works. 
While many people have to stay at home due to the lockdown and enjoy the comfort at their place, the Nature is also at a kind of comfort. 

Due to the reduction or lack of human interactions with the Nature; the Nature is healing for the sake of itself and of course as well for the Humans, who benefits from it as well.

People often do not recognize the work the Nature is doing for the planet Earth. Me as an artist feel it is part of my mission to inform the viewer how Nature makes our lives so much safer and easier and why it is so important for the humans.

  • Artist

    Luke Joshua Estraña

  • Year


  • Size

    91,44 cm x 91,44 cm

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