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Magkaisa – The Mabini Art Collection

This page presents private collections mainly from Mabini Artists of the Philippines. It presents the works of Mabini Artist, those who passed away and those still working. They duly deserve the recognition.

The people involved in presenting these collections have been in the heart of German-Filipino social and art scene for a quarter of century, promoting Philippines in the European and Asian market.

Our cultural journey led to the publication of the book REVISITING MABINI ART, launched in 2013 at the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts (NCAA) in Intramuros, Manila.

Inspired by the talent and resilience of the Mabini artists, we collaborated and supported self-taught artists and acknowledged masters such as Francisco “Paco” Gorospe, Cesar Buenaventura, Rafael “Popoy” Cusi, Oscar Ramos and Roger san Miguel.

With collections of contemporary artists as well as other kinds of culture and art, historical literature, art related books, stamps, coins, sculptures, a wide collection of Rizal related books and memorabilia are added on this website.


The collections are as diverse as they are unique.

This is a place for art lovers around the world to appreciate Mabini Art.


Check out the works of the Masters and Contemporaries. Browse the website with its rich content or choose one of our social media channels to follow Magkaisa.

Join us in our mission to in promoting Filipino art and culture that inspires and lifts the spirit!

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