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Art and Dr. José Rizal

Signing of sisterhood between the cities of Calamba and Wilhelmsfeld (Germany) on October 07, 2011 Magkaisa draws on its rich German-Filipino heritage of resilience, strength and dependability and is honored to provide insights of the relation between Germany and the Philippines during the time of the National Hero of the Philippines, Dr. José Rizal.

Dr. Jose Rizal’s affection for Germany and its people is evident during his many travels in his “scientific mother country.” On request of the City of Calamba (Philippines), the municipal council of Wilhelmsfeld (Germany) decided to agree on the signing of the Sisterhood between the two cities. 

Calamba, the city where José Rizal was born and Wilhelmsfeld, the village where he stayed in 1886 and finalized his book Noli me tangere.

The signing of the sisterhood agreement between the cities of Calamba and Wilhelmsfeld took place on October 07th, 2011 by the Mayor of Calamba Joaquin M. Chipeco Jr.and the Mayor of Wilhelmsfeld Mr. Hans Zellner in presence of the than Ambassador of the Philippines to Germany, HE Mrs. Maria Cleofe R. Natividad and Congressman Justin Marc SB. Chipeco. Present were further the former Mayor of Wilhelmsfeld, late Manfred Holtzmann and the great grandson of Ullmer, the friend of Rizal, where he stayed in Wilhelmsfeld, Dr. Fritz Hack-Ullmer, Honorary Consul Prof. Zeidler as well as Rizalist and Art Collector Mr. Klaus W. Hartung.

Meanwhile visits by the Owner of Magkaisa at the office of the current Mayor of Calamba, Mayor Rosseler H Rizal and several visits to the current Mayor of Wilhelmsfeld Dr. Tobias Dangel has taken place. There is high interest at both sides  to strengthen the ties between Philippines and Germany while activities yet to define. 

The books “Noli me tangere” and “El Filibusterismo” printed in german language are available to be purchased through Magkaisa.

The Rizal Wine is available at the office of Magkaisa for purchase in Germany only.

The Bust of Rizal made by plaster of paris by Anastacia Caedo, Philippine Sculpturist

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