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Art and Dr. José RizalEpisode 12 –

Art and Dr. José Rizal Episode 12 – Fountain from Wilhelmsfeld, Germany to Luneta Park in Manila

Magkaisa Creative Space draws on its rich German-Filipino heritage of resilience, strength and dependability and is honored to provide insides of the relation between Germany and the Philippines during the time of the National Hero of the Philippines, Dr. José Rizal.

As well known José Rizal stayed in Wilhelmsfeld near Heidelberg in Germany from April 26 to June 26 of the Year 1886, and finalized there his Novel Noli me Tangere. In the garden of Pastor Ullmer was a fountain where the family and the guest were fetching the water. This fountain stayed in the garden of the pastor Ullmers house Wilhelmsfeld until the citizen of Wilhelmsfeld thought it seems to be a good idea to donate it to the Philippines as a remembrance to the National Hero, which happened in 1964 and the fountain was installed in the Luneta Park.

Although they call it Rizal fountain, it was actually the drinking fountain in Ullmer’s rectory. Rizal wasn’t the only one drinking from it. Even birds drank and bathed on this stone drinking fountain.

After years in the Luneta Park, in 2011 the Rizal Fountain was in an inproper condition, therefore restored and repaired by the Department of Tourism and the National Park Committee, upgrated and repositioned. The new location of the fountain was finally unveiled by no less than late Noynoy Aquino during the celebration of the National Hero Jose Rizals 150th birthday on 19th of June 1911.

During the preparation of further donations from Germany to the Philippines and to meet the representatives of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, the now President of Magkaisa Creative Space, Mr. Klaus W. Hartung visited the fountain and took the latest pictures.

You may visit the Luneta Park and take a look on the location of the fountain yourself.

Artwork: Manila, Noel Aguila, 2013, Acrylic, 70 cm x 60 cm Pictures: House of Pastor Ullmer in the village of Wilhelmsfeld where Rizal stayed Fountain in Luneta Park before 2010 Restored Fountain in Luneta Park after 2011, repositioned

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