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Artist Spotlight: Kristian Karlo Gonzales, Artist and Frontliner

Kristian is a self-taught artist. You’ll find in his work a delicate balance of nature and human anatomy. And that’s because, while not having formally studied fine arts, he has a degree in medical technology.

He has developed his artistry to connect his profession with his art, the “bacterial strains” with the canvas.

At the height of the quarantine resulting from the pandemic, Kristian was one of the frontliners working at a hospital in Bonifacio Global City. He did not see his family for weeks, and he found comfort by focusing on his art. Kristian would find a quiet place during breaktime or after work and draw or paint as his inspiration flows.

Kristian also loves to ride his bicycle, and that helps keep him healthy and fit.

Kristian grew up in Nueva Viscaya, and lived in Baguio City before he moved to Manila. He has participated in several art competitions in the Philippines and his artworks were displayed at exhibitions in Frankfurt, Germany (2018) and in Milan, Italy (2019)


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