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Exhibition on the Master of Mabini Art - FRANCISCO “PACO” GOROSPE at the German Club Makati 

The exhibition honors the Master of Mabini Art of the Philippines Francisco “Paco” Gorospe, the so-called Picasso of the Philippines, who was born 85 years ago on 10. July 1939.

His contribution to the History of the Philippine Art as a part of the Mabini Art Movement and is helpful to upgrade the knowledge on this essential part of the art history in the Philippines.

Please have a look at the 14 artworks hanging at the walls of the German Club presented by Magkaisa Mabini Art Collection.

Paco’s collaborations with fellow artists like Roger San Miguel and Francisco Ello, along with influences from prominent names such as Serafin Serna and Salvador Cabrera, enriched the Mabini art scene. His works gained international recognition through exhibitions at the Washington and New York World Fairs, as well as shows in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan, and Germany. His art was featured on magazine covers and commissioned by major companies, showcasing the talent and appeal of Mabini artists on the global stage.

Let us appreciate the long lasting artworks from 1965 until 1990 which are part of the exhibition. Pass by the German Club and take a look at the artworks.

“A true world-class Filipino artist, chosen for his time, and a legend in painting.”

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