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Story of the Jose Rizal Wine 

Dr. Jose Rizal, the National Hero of the Philippines spent a short, but very important part in 1886 in Heidelberg and Wilhelmsfeld, Germany. During his studies at the Heidelberg University Eye Clinic, the surrounding inspired him to write his famous poem “A las Flores de Heidelberg”. During his stay, he met Protestant Pastor Karl Ullmer, who invited him to stay with his family in their vicarage in Wilhelmsfeld. There he encountered religious tolerance while Pastor Ullmer and the catholic clergy having openly discussions, even drinking white wine from time to time, a white burgundy from the nearby village of Schriesheim.

Those open communications influenced him, that beside his ongoing studies in Heidelberg he found time to “moderate” and completed some statements of his famous, strongly autobiographical novel “Noli me Tangere” while still staying in Wilhelmsfeld. The novel was later printed in Berlin, where Rizal went after he left Heidelberg and Wilhelmsfeld.

His experiences in Germany led him to place great emphasis on education, hard work, democratic and civil rights and patriotism, through which he wanted to win freedom for his country and his compatriots.

In 2015 the wine label for the first edition of Rizal Wine from Schriesheim was created by the Philippine Artist Oscar Ramos, who stayed that time with the Rizalist and Art Collector Mr. Klaus W. Hartung.

In 2019 the second edition of the wine label was chosen during an art competition within the Magkaisa, former Transwing Art Gallery Artists. The winner was Filipino Contemporary Artist Dominic Urbano.

This latest edition of Rizal Wine for 2014 was chosen during a Wine Label Competition (in 2013) open for all visual artists living in the Philippines.

Magkaisa - Consultancy and Gallery partnered for this competition with the Mayor of Wilhelmsfeld, the Philippine Consulate General in Frankfurt and the Order of the Knights of Rizal HD-Wilhelmsfeld. 

With the support of additional sponsors like Etihad Airways, the German Embassy in Manila, Philippines, the Philippine Embassy in Berlin, Germany and the German Club Manila the Jose Rizal wine label competition under the guidance of the Master Watercolorist Artist Rafael Popoy Cusi was set into reality.

The winner of the competition with 65 artists participating was Filipino visual artist John Paul Antido from Antipolo City, Rizal.

The white burgundy wine was chosen from the winery Bielig in Schriesheim and the label of the artwork of John Paul Antido will be found on all Jose Rizal Wine bottles for the next 5 years.

Meanwhile the artist John Paul Antido stayed with the Magkaisa Consultancy & Gallery owner Mr. Klaus W. Hartung in Germany and participated in three exhibits presenting the winning artwork together with the other nine Winner and another 8 artworks from participating artists.

Beside an UBE Festival in Wiesbaden, Hessen in Germany and the reception on 19th of June in the Consulate General in Frankfurt, the Rizal Exhibition took place in Wilhelmsfeld, guided by the Mayor of Wilhelmsfeld and the Chapter Commander of the Knights of Rizal. During this event the winning prize of 50.000 PHP  was handed over from the Mayor while same time the artworks became property of the Municipality of Wilhelmsfeld. 

Meanwhile the ordering of Rizal Wine is possible in Germany through the office of Magkaisa, while for the Philippine Market arrangements are underway.

All in all, as the consulting Master of Philippine Watercolour, Mr. Rafael “Popoy| Cusi stated, the event was a full success.

Congratulation and Mabuhay!

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