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Bading, the brother of now National Artist Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera, enrolled at the UP School of Fine Arts but dropped out in 1950 after 2 years.

Frederico Aguilar Alcuaz, Araceli Limcaco, Pitoy Moreno and Juvenal Sanso were his contemporaries in UP. Bading joined the Daily Mirror and its Saturday Magazine as an editorial cartoonist and chief artist, creating the popular comic strip character Bindoy, the probinsyano Everyman.

He put up Sining Art Gallery with BenCab and Bal Magallona, BenCab’s former classmate in UP, at MH. Del Pilar in Ermita, along with the other Mabini artist.

According to Cid Reyes, Bading’s trademark was portraits with large soulful eyes that dominate his children paintings, showing a doll-like countenance. 

He was also known to be an impatient painter and worked fast, impressing fellow artists with his speed and facility to come up with a finished work.

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